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Cecilia de Imperio - Individual, intensive and personalized courses for foreigners
Courses can be taken all year long whenever students’ schedules allow
Individual, intensive and personalized courses for foreigners
Cursos INTENSIVOS de Cocina

When people ask me if I like cooking, I always say ‘I love it’, but I love teaching all I know about cooking much more. Because I greatly enjoy passing along my ‘culinary knowledge’ (I’m the author of seven 7 books!). And I so much more love teaching to foreigners who are very much interested in coming to Argentina. I’m overjoyed and enthusiastic by the feeling of teaching to foreigners.
Current Creole Cuisine, cooking techniques, Sushi, Aromatic cuisine and, furthermore, canned food and homemade jam are topics I’ve been teaching for many years to chefs and amateurs from the U.S., Mexico, Uruguay, Chile and Poland and all learn in a professional and personalized way. Courses are meant for one student only and completely fitted to the time, interest and needs of those who come to visit my country. The student plays the most important role. They prepare every meal step by step under my direct supervision and always according to their schedules.
The shortest course consists of 8 lessons (three and a half hours each) and the longest consists of 25 lessons.


condiments cooking book
‘Condiments’ – by Utilísima Editors

To learn how to PERFECTLY prepare those delicious dishes that make us famous in other Lands. All the secrets to prepare a very tender Matambre, a complete ‘Asado’ (Barbecue), knife-cut-meat ‘empanadas’ (‘turnovers’) with an excellent ‘repulgue’ (fancy edging), a well-cooked original vegetable Northern Carbonada, a nutritious Locro, a thick potato pie (mince meat covered by smashed potatoes), a delicious homemade custard and a lot of other Argentine meals.
Definitely, a unique course in the country!

An ideal course for foreigners who want to learn current and universal cooking techniques and the way to organize everything in a professional kitchen, without enrolling in a long-lasting career. To learn how to manage confidently while cooking for a group of friends as well as when preparing a catering, and why not, while working in the ‘restaurant of their dreams’.
The traditional dishes with all their details and the avant–garde dishes which dazzle us when we go to a good restaurant. Types of cuts, cook points, textures, presentation, color and taste combinations are essential in this course. So we learn the multiple ‘hidden’ techniques to prepare good ‘Paella’ and the ones evident in a Bondiola coated with caramel with a triple garnish; the secrets of an excellent Bolognesa-sauce (tomato sauce with mince meat) and kneaded pasta with grilled vegetables, as well as the details we find in a little chocolate mousse cake with flower petals. A perfect synthesis to quickly learn the best of the cuisine, in a kind atmosphere.

To learn how to play with and combine more than 50 condiments, herbs and spices in the kitchen, preparing from kneaded pasta to rabbit. Short course that consists only of 8 classes.

Everything to prepare them WITHOUT CHEMICALS OR CONSERVANTS, learning how to sterilize containers in order to keep food out of the fridge for a long time. Jam; fruit syrups; bittersweet dressings; pickles; liquors and sauces.

The Western Sushi that succeeds all over the world, taught step by step in order to achieve perfection. Short course that consists of only 6 lessons.

Cuisine specialist by choice and vocation. I’ve been teaching Cuisine for 18 years, with my exclusive method of Personalized Individual Courses. Through the years I’ve extended my culinary knowledge including Gastronomic Advice, Cuisine Staff Training, Menu Making, Styling food (food for photos) and Recipe Elaboration.
But let’s start at the beginning: I’ve got a High school's degree specialized in Teaching and I’m a graduate in Social Communication from the Salvador University, Buenos Aires, Argentina. But the Cuisine, field in which I’ve given my first steps at age thirteen, has always been my passion. That’s why I’ve attended many Gastronomic courses while studying at College (at a time when there were no degrees at all!). I’ve made my training in restaurants and, above all, I’ve spent quite a few hours experimenting among stoves.
Nowadays I teach Argentine Creole Cuisine, good-cooking techniques, Aromatic Cuisine (with spices and herbs), Sushi, Canned Food and Homemade Jam.

In television I became the exclusive Chef of the Cable-TV programs ‘Utilísima’ and ‘Cocina Fácil’ (‘Easy Cuisine’), starred by Mrs. Choly Berreteaga, for ‘Utilísima Satelital’ Network.
I’ve also written a collection of fascicles for Editorial Evia, and have been also a contributor to Clarín Newspaper’s supplement ‘Ollas y Sartenes’ (‘Pots & Pans’)

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